What Is SEO Audit Of Website and How To Do It?

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SEO Audit of website

An SEO audit is a process that falls under SEO Services. It enhances the search engine friendliness of your website in several areas. The main aim of the SEO audit is to completely optimize your website so that it could gain a higher ranking in the search engine result page. As there are so many tools through which you can optimize your website. However, if you ask for the best way for it, then there are two ways. First, you can follow the below guide to optimizing by yourself, and second, you can hire an SEO audit expert to optimize your website.

Performing the steps for SEO audit for your website is very important and has so many reasons in the defence. First, identify the problematic area on your website and then make a plan to tackle all these problems one-by-one following a strategy. SEO audits allow your website to stay on top and will keep you always updated with all the new trends that help in keeping you ahead of your competitor.

And staying ahead from the competitors in each thing has become important because nowadays there is so much competition.

Why SEO Audit Is Important?

When a company of an individual takes the SEO Services from a professional, he or she will always suggest for SEO audit first. It is very essential to keep on changing the website or going with the current trends in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a thing that never remains constant, if a technique is working currently, maybe it won’t work after 6 months. Therefore, it shows that regular optimization of the website is important. Whether your website is ranking or not, you still have to do a lot of things to hold up your website on that FIRST position.

As we know that Google keeps on throwing its new update for the ranking algorithm so many times in a year. Therefore, performing an SEO audit at least 2 times in a year ensure that you maintain and update your website. So, let us now proceed towards to see how to do SEO Audit for a website.

Pro SEO Services Tips For Website SEO Audit

SEO audit will help you to stay synch all the time, you won’t miss any trends neither your website will miss anything.

Tip 1: Delete The “Zombie Pages”

Enter your website link in Google, and it will show how many pages it has indexed. Most of the sites have more than 50% of indexed pages, then these pages are called Zombie Pages. Why? These pages are eating up your success, whereas deleting these pages will get you a lot more organic traffic.

More Zombie Pages you will delete better the result your website will show you.

Why this work? Well, Google has said that more content never makes your website better. And when you delete the Zombie pages you give what Google wants from your website. Deleting more pages makes SEO auditing easier for you.

Pro Tip: Fewer Page= fewer problems!

Tip 2: Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

As you know that every single person is holding a smartphone and using it to browse directly. Smartphones in today’s time have become convenient to carry and affordable than ever before. Therefore, this change is encouraging the users to browse through their mobile phones rather than using a computer and laptop.

First off, 60% of Google searches are now from mobile devices. Therefore optimizing your website according to the mobile not only make your users happy but Google will also appreciate this effort. Recently Google has started using its Mobile-First Algorithm as the priority in website ranking. This means that Google now uses a mobile version of your site for mobile and desktop matches.

But how you will know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not?

So for this, you can find any tool to use over Google, enter your website URL and see what does the result says. An SEO audit helps in keeping your website mobile-friendly always even if you change the content or the design.

Tip 3: Check For Google Penalties during SEO Audit

Find that if your website is under Google penalty and if yes then which penalty- manual or algorithm. You have to find it out soon because this hampers the website ranking so much.

If your website is affected by the penalty, you may need the help of SEO Services by a trained professional.

First, find out when the penalty was imposed and why your website got penalized. Then your second step is to plan the correct strategy to get your website out of the penalty. Well, there are two ways through which you can remove the penalty:

  1. First, log in to Google search console and then select Manual Actions. If there is a manual action imposed on your website, you can see the reasons on the same page.
  2. Another way is to compose your Google organic traffic for the dates Google has launched its new algorithm change. The sudden drop or increase in the organic traffic will clear whether your website is affected by the new update or not.

What To Do When The Website Is Under The Google Penalty?

To rescue your website, first, you need to check or take a test on your website. SEO Auditing will help you in knowing where and what changes you have to make. Read about the new Google update and what its new algorithm is and try to use that in your website, designing, template or content or anything on a website that doesn’t fit.

Analyze your website against the update and find out what is wrong that doesn’t suites to Google. Therefore, after this correct that mistake, mainly this includes On-page SEO improvement.

Tip 4: Speed Up Your Website

A few years back Google has confirmed that page load speed is also considered as a ranking factor. Therefore, it means if your website doesn’t load fast then it can make your website’s ranking fall. When asked to the regular users about how they react when they encounter a website having low page-load speed. Most of them agreed on one thing that they would like to leave that site rather than wasting their time.

Whereas if your website has a fast loading speed then no one wants to leave, and this won’t give rise to the bounce rate of your website. Till now you must have learned that SEO audit is very important not only for increase website ranking but also for other things. If you ask a professional SEO services firm, they will also tell you about the same. They will make you understand how each thing on your website is either directly or indirectly interconnected.

So to improve the website loading speed, do the following:

  • Run a speed test
  • Crunch your images
  • Clean up your HTLM code
  • Upgrade Hosting


Tip 5: Improve Your On-Page SEO

There are two types of SEO techniques- On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. In the SEO audits experts only advise to improve the on-page techniques because of your website major gain organic traffic through good On-page SEO techniques. If you think that on-page SEO is only about stuffing keywords and managing blogs, then you are wrong. There is a lot more to do in On-page SEO.

You can use Google Analytics to see how your website is performing, the graph of the performance of your website in 6 to 8 months will show your business growth. If the graph is moving upward means your website is performing well, but if it is going down or going straight that means it is not growing and standing still. This situation particularly gives your competitors a chance to outrank you.

Therefore, you should think of a more creative and engaging technique that can hold your audience. And this can only happen when you do an SEO audit for your website.

On-page SEO is huge and it includes so many things, from keyword research to content upload to make the appearance and a lot.

Last Few Words

After reading this complete blog on what is SEO audit and how to do it, you must have learned a lot till now. Therefore, you can implement these tips on your website or if find difficulty then you can contact an expert to get the best SEO services.